AKB48 Tomomi Kasai nude for Young Magazine

AKB48′s Kasai Tomomi is graduating from the group, and while she has released a single and what not already, all the noise right now is centered around the cover of her upcoming photobook … a cover deemed too inappropriate for Young Magazine to show.

On January 11th, Kodansha announced that they postponed the release of their weekly manga magazine “Young Magazine“, which was supposed to be released on the 12th, as there was an inappropriate photo on a page.

According to the announcement, they’ve decided on the postponement since the photo on the advertising article for AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi’s upcoming photo book was “socially unacceptable as it would give unpleasant feelings to its readers.”

The photo that has become a problem was that of a boy covering Kasai’s bare breasts with his hands, and the photo is said to have been planned for use as the cover of the photo book.

Reportedly, they will replace the page that the photo was printed on, and release it on the 21st.

She show off sensual looks in various situations such as lingerie and bathing scenes, etc.
In addition, the scene of her cooking and playing with her dog are also included. It is finished in one book that you can fully enjoy the charm of her.
Kasai Tomomi Naked

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