Old Man Holds Dead Wife’s Body For Hours

From NetEase: Shenyang Old Woman Suddenly Dies During Cold Night, Husband Clutches Her Dead Body for 2 Hours Refusing to Let Go Old husband sits on the ground, wrapping his arms and clothes around her dead body, unwilling to let go An old couple from Fushun [in Liaoning province] who work in Shenyang did not […]

Police Criticized for Laughing at Dead Girl’s Crime Scene

From NetEase: Hunan High School Girl Found Dead Naked in Field, Police Criticized for Chatting and Laughing During Investigation Young Juan (pseudonym), a female high school student in Linxiang county of Hunan province, failed to return home at night after study session at school ended, and was discovered the next day naked and dead in […]

Chinese Passengers Fight on Chongqing to Hong Kong Flight

From NetEase: Passengers on Chongqing-to-Hong Kong Flight Get Into Fight Big Fight On Passenger Plane, Chongqing-to-Hong Kong Flight Almost Turns Back — At 9am, on Air China Flight CA433 from Chongqing to Hong Kong, a dispute occurred between passengers on-board. The cause involved two female passengers in one row being upset with a child behind […]

Thai Flight Turned Back Due to Unruly Chinese Couple

From NetEase: Two Chinese Passengers on a Plane Insult Stewardess Causing Flight to Turn Back to Bangkok December 12th early morning, netizen “主持人张潇” [“Presenter Zhang Xiao”] published a microblog post saying two Nanjing travelers insulted a stewardess aboard a plane, resulting in the Bangkok-to-Nanjing flight turning back to Bangkok halfway into the flight. Police directly […]

Star of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement Exposed as Prostitute

Three of the top 10 most viewed articles on popular Chinese web portal NetEase yesterday were about this story… From NetEase: Taiwanese Star Johanne Liou [Liu Qiaoan] Exposed Working as High-Priced Escort Taihainet.com December 11 report — According to Taiwanese media reports, Taiwanese star Liu Qiaoan [aka Johanne Liou] has been caught working as a […]