Japan Breast Fondling Charity Fundraiser

From NetEase: “Breast Fondling Fundraiser” in Japan, AV Idols Lift Up Their Tops to “Donate Their Breasts” From the August 30th to the 31st local time, Tokyo, Japanese pay-per-view [or premium cable] television channel SKY PerfecTV held a “STOP!AIDS” charity event– “24-Hour TV – The Erotic Saves the Planet! 2014″, with the most eye-catching event […]

Chinese Female Artist Sleeps Naked on Bed of Iron Wire

Chinese Female Artist “Sleeping Nude” on Iron Wire Bed for 36 Days Attracts Attention On August 9th, Beijing, Chinese female artist Zhou Jie sleeps on an unfinished iron wire bed in the exhibition room of Beijing Art Now Gallery. This art project was named “36 Days” and over these 36 days, she can eat, wash, use […]

김정은 풍자영상 중국에서 난리 – Kim Jong Un ‘Dancing’ Clip Draws North Korea Ire

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was the target of more ridicule on Chinese social media this week as a video showing the leader’s head atop the bodies of people dancing and performing kung fu went viral. The video, created by a Chinese man named Zhang from Suzhou, who reportedly studied at Kyognggi University in South Korea, […]

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Shot Down in Ukraine

News about the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane shot down in Ukraine is big news today since it reached the Asian internet near midnight last night… Russian Media: A Malaysian Passenger Plane Has Crashed in Ukraine Russian Media Claims a Malaysian Passenger Plane Has Crashed in Ukraine — Night of the 17th Beijing time, Russia’s Interfax […]

Queen Elizabeth II, American Presidents & Friends Over Time

Summer 1982, five teenage high school students were having fun by a lake, then decided they would have a reunion every five years, which they have kept for thirty years now! So envious!