Petra Mahalimuyak for FHM Magazine Philippines

Petra Mahalimuyak finishes off my awesome collection of shoots from FHM Philippines, and it really has made for an amazing week over here at Asian Smack.

Shao Shao for FHM Magazine Singapore

Shao Shao is awesomely hot, and has one hell of a body. I personally find myself a huge fan.

Lhea Bernardino for FHM Magazine Philippines

Lhea Bernardino, I have no clue who she is, but she’s pretty damn hot, and I like her.

Marian Rivera for FHM Magazine Philippines

Marian Rivera quite truthfully I had never heard of prior to today. Since I’m lazy, I haven’t looked her up, so if you know anything about her, by all means let me know, because I like her!

Underwater Selfie Art

Japanese contemporary artist, 33-year-old Noriko Yabu do underwater art selfie and she’s naked. Her series of images is called Suisou. The images that she took a bit scary actually, look like she is drowning.