Chikan online forum group arranges train groping session, backfires badly

A man has been arrested for molesting a woman on a train, known as chikan in Japan.

Nothing new in that. Another day, another groper.

But this time the 26-year-old man from Osaka claims the whole thing had been arranged via a special online forum. On the website people who want to molest and a woman who wanted to be molested invited collaborations for a public session on a moving train.
The date and plan was set for the Kokawa-Kainan Wakayama line one morning during the Golden Week Online Casino|Free Bonus 3200$

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Forex holidays.

The woman told forum members what she would be wearing and that she would respond realistically i.e. resist!

The would-be victim even posted information on her wardrobe and where she was sitting on the day of the session itself.
Two men decided to satisfy her cravings and went up to a sitting woman who matched the description on the train. One sat next to her and another stood in front, and both proceeded to grope her for around twenty minutes. She protested, louder and louder, to the extent that one man got scared and got off the train. The other lapsed into silence. Her realism had been a bit much and all the eyes in the carriage were on him!

At the end of the line the man tried to get off but the victim grabbed him and brought him to the station staff.

The twenty-three-year-old woman claims to have never used the website and that she always sits in the same seat on the train.

It seems our hapless chikan may have been set up by a prankster (who no doubt was also on the train and watching the events with amusement) and the online forum admin is now co-operating with the police. After all, they have the IP address and other details of the original poster.

So it just goes to show, guys, some things are too good to be true!

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