Ex-cop attempts to kidnap Japanese high school girl

No one is above the law.

An ex-cop from the riot police has been arrested for the attempted abduction of a 15-year-old school girl in Akishima, Tokyo.

Former police sergeant Koichi Omura (32) left Online Casino|Free Bonus 3200$

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He is accused of coming up to a fifteen-year-old high school first grade student early in the morning on April 15th. He was in a rented car and she was walking along a street.
There was a crime nearby. You need to cooperate with me in a case, he said to her, no doubt hoping either to terrify her into cooperation or to make her feel excited to be part of a top police unit.

He flashed a police notebook at the innocent teenager.

Brilliant, using his former police resources!

She got in but there was no pulling the wool over this young girls eyes. She smelt the unmistakably stink of lewd motives in Omuras eyes and tried to get out.

Despite Omuras best police-trained efforts, the schoolgirl managed to escape with the help of passersby.

Omura who must know that Japan has a 99% conviction rate is now being sweated by his former peers. He denies all charges of attempted kidnap of a minor.

I rented the car the day before, but I loaned it to an acquaintance.

Years on the force taught him how to conjure up terrible alibis!

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