Miss Korea 2013 entrants all look remarkably similar to a strange

Although at first I blamed my insular, uncultured British brain when I struggled to tell the difference between many of the entrants for this year’s Miss Korea pageant, I soon discovered that they, too, were having tremendous difficulty telling some of the girls apart.

If beauty is something that can be defined by one particular look, facial expression and hairstyle, then the entrants for Miss Korea 2013 clearly all got the exact same memo…
Miss Korea 2013 entrants all look remarkably similar to a strange
I’ve lost count of the number of times over my seven years living in Japan that I’ve been mistaken for some other tall handsome white guy. I’ve had coworkers swear that they saw me in a particular supermarket, at the movies or drinking in a bar, even though I knew for a fact that I was nowhere near any of the places they mentioned. Similarly, an Australian friend of mine recently regaled me with the tale of how a guy from her local gym mistook her for one of the other caucasian girls who lives in the same town and, remarking on how quickly my friend’s “broken leg” had healed, was amazed to see her back pounding the treadmill so soon after her injury.

It’s with events such as these in mind that I present the following set of images.

Perhaps there are strict rules that must be adhered to regarding outfits, makeup and hairstyles, but we dare say that many of the girls’ expressions here–particularly their subtle smiles–could very easily be switched around in Photoshop with few of us ever noticing. To quote a member of our Japanese staff, “If you had told me that these were all the same girl, I probably wouldn’t think anything of it.”


今年も韓国美女が勢ぞろい! ……なのだが、ネット上で「なぜか全員同じ顔に見えるような気がする」と話題になっている。












Noticing any recurring themes here?

Is this simply a case of fashion in full effect or are we scrolling through the “after” shots from an online catalogue for Dr. Scalpel’s surgery? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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