Mistress Exposes Henan People’s Congress Representative

From NetEase: Henan People’s Congress Representative Denounced By Mistress, Exposes “Bed Photo” Summary: Recently, netizen Li Shanshan posted with her real name, denouncing Henan province People’s Congress Representative Lu Zhiyuan for keeping a mistress, abandoning his own daughter, and using connections to become a People’s Congress representative. Li Shanshan claims to be Luo Zhiyuan’s mistress, [...]

Chinese Married Couples Fail

This photo instantly attracted Chinese netizens, when a pair of newlyweds bridal makes love, his wife’s mother guides them in love making, while her sister just watching and Father of the Bride stand in the back. Not so sure whether this incident is real or not.

Miss Japan Beauty Pageant Winner

From NetEase: 2014 Annual Miss Japan Champion Announced, Is 21-Year-Old Student 2014 January 25 local time, Tokyo, Japan, 21-year-old student Rira Hongo won the 2014 Miss [International] Japan beauty pageant. The 2014 Miss International Beauty Pageant will be held on November 11th. The three finalists of the 2014 Miss Japan beauty pageant. 2014 January 25 [...]