Hot Asian Girl Saves Suicide Attempt

A young girl with long-legged beauty from Guangzhou prevents a woman from committing suicide with one cool kick. She knocks a knife out of the hands of the mentally deranged older woman. The action begins when the old lady drops some money, the kungfu cutie picks it up to give it her and is faced [...]

AKB48 Tomomi Kasai nude for Young Magazine

AKB48′s Kasai Tomomi is graduating from the group, and while she has released a single and what not already, all the noise right now is centered around the cover of her upcoming photobook … a cover deemed too inappropriate for Young Magazine to show. On January 11th, Kodansha announced that they postponed the release of [...]

Hot Russian women naked teaching Mandarin

A video clip of a curvy Russian anchor woman stripping off while teaching Mandarin has gone viral on the Internet. The blonde anchor woman stands in front of the camera in a low-cut black top, tight skirt and high heels. While she is explaining Mandarin in Russian, the screen behind her shows a picture of [...]