Miss Tiffany Universe 2015

Miss Tiffany Universe 2015 for transgender people was launched in Thailand. The transgender contestant for this year was criticized badly because more than half the contestant faces still looked like a man, coarse, sometimes distorted, deformed by plastic surgery.

Japanese Girl Selfie Wore Fundoshi

This Japanese girl selfie on a cold winter night just wearing fundoshi. Quite impressive. Unfortunately, she cannot beat the cold night.

Excrement tanker explodes, covering everyone in human waste

Excrement truck explodes, Passersby Tragically Covered — According to netizen @旺寶兒發, an excrement truck [a vehicle that collects human waste from septic tanks] in Guangxi province Hechi city exploded, and this is probably what the having your face sprayed with shit must be like! The poor pedestrians, going out for a stroll only to be […]

Desigual Seminaked Sale Singapore

Desigual store in Singapore launch the seminaked sale. The first 100 Desigual fans in their swimwear received a free outfit of their choice.

Stripping In Public As A Promotional Stunt

Zhejiang Wenzhou China, to promote for an opening of a newly renovated bar, the bar owner brings the bikinis ladies walking along the Remimin Road and ending at European City shopping district.