Mistress Exposes Henan People’s Congress Representative

From NetEase: Henan People’s Congress Representative Denounced By Mistress, Exposes “Bed Photo” Summary: Recently, netizen Li Shanshan posted with her real name, denouncing Henan province People’s Congress Representative Lu Zhiyuan for keeping a mistress, abandoning his own daughter, and using connections to become a People’s Congress representative. Li Shanshan claims to be Luo Zhiyuan’s mistress, [...]

Malaysian woman marries paralyzed chinese man

From NetEase: Paralyzed Man from Hebei Marries Malaysian Woman, Cyber Love Comes Full Circle August 8, Li Kangyu, a 38-year-old man from Hebei Tangshan, held a wedding ceremony with Yan Shuying from Malaysia and tied the knot as husband and wife. Due to the rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age, Li Kangyu has lied in [...]

20 feared drowned in Rajang river

Up to 20 people are feared drowned after an express boat capsized at a rapid along the Rajang river near Belaga town today. The boat, licensed to carry only 74 passengers, was reportedly laden with over 180 people, many of whom were sitting on the roof when the tragedy occurred at 9am Many of the [...]