Star of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement Exposed as Prostitute

Three of the top 10 most viewed articles on popular Chinese web portal NetEase yesterday were about this story… From NetEase: Taiwanese Star Johanne Liou [Liu Qiaoan] Exposed Working as High-Priced Escort December 11 report — According to Taiwanese media reports, Taiwanese star Liu Qiaoan [aka Johanne Liou] has been caught working as a […]

Chinese man’s life with beautiful Ukrainian wife envied

From NetEase: The attack of the academic failure: Chinese young man marries beautiful 18 year-old Ukrainian girl. 12 years ago, Mei Aicai only scored 320 points on the Gaokao examination [out of 750 points]. With this, he thought his academic career was over, and suddenly found himself at a loss for what to do. At […]

Homosexual Chinese University Student with HIV Shares Story

A Day in the Life of a Post-’90s Generation Male Homosexual with AIDS/HIV In 1998 January, the World Health Organization made every December 1st World AIDS Day, to draw the world’s attention to AIDS. Research has shown that 7% of male university students have acknowledged having homosexual male experiences, with this proportion increasing the risk […]

김정은 풍자영상 중국에서 난리 – Kim Jong Un ‘Dancing’ Clip Draws North Korea Ire

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was the target of more ridicule on Chinese social media this week as a video showing the leader’s head atop the bodies of people dancing and performing kung fu went viral. The video, created by a Chinese man named Zhang from Suzhou, who reportedly studied at Kyognggi University in South Korea, […]