The invasion boobie graffiti of Tokyo

Human beings have been doodling on walls for tens of thousands of years. We express our thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires on canvases of various shapes and sizes, sometimes in public, sometimes in private. It’s becoming increasingly clear, though, that there’s only one thing on the mind of the person responsible for a spate of [...]

Get Your Ramen With a Side of Boobs at Tokyo Bar

Have you ever heard of Boobs Ramen? That’s the nickname for a bar in Tokyo where, much like Hooters in the US, the most appealing aspect of the joint is always on display. But apparently the food is pretty good too. Our Mr. Sato took one for the team and went to check it out. [...]

Wechat reveals show holding a pretty boobs contest

The popular mobile phone text and voice messaging service Weixin, or WeChat, is holding a pretty boobs contest. Contestants Online Casino|Free Bonus 3200$ Buy viagra Forex simply upload photos of their assets, without their face or nipples showing. Simple and effective and guaranteed to attract eyeballs. A guaranteed winner!