Ravijour launches new lingerie collection to heat up the winter

Japanese lingerie brand Ravijour has launched its winter collection under the very appropriate name “VerySexy”. The promo photo shoot features near lesbian action between the scantily clad models, who once again include haafu Elli Rose, Liv, Mai Miyagi and Azusa Koizumi. Ravijour debuted in 2004 with its line-up of saucy underwear for girls in their [...]

Sleep with Haruna Kojima in sizzling new Peach John lingerie ad

We spend a lot of time bashing AKB48 on this blog but we have to finally admit the truth. We think Haruna Kojima is hot. Actually, keen-eyed readers will likely have already deduced this from certain drooling articles in the past. We previously blogged with glee about Haruna’s new work modeling for Peach John, Japan’s [...]