Four teenagers mug man for money for AKB48 event clothes

Just imagine you like AKB48. Now imagine you like AKB48 so much you will commit a crime.

That’s what four teenagers did.

They mugged a man in order to have cash to buy special clothes to “look good” for a meet-and-greet hand-shaking event with the idol group.
Four teenagers mug man for money for AKB48 event clothes
Aged between 15 and 17, the kids came up to a 27-year-old grad student as he was leaving a convenience store earlier in August in Kamiya, central Tokyo. Confronting him in their best macho voices, they managed to get away with his phone, his money and even the can of beer he had just purchased. The victim apparently sustained some sort of injuries during the incident.
The young lads from in Kawaguchi in Saitama needed the money in order to buy a special set of embroidered tokko fuku “attack uniforms” such as Bosozoku motorcycle gangs wear, but which are also popular among certain hard-core AKB48 fans. One uniform, a long colorful jacket decorated with a member’s name, can cost 100,000 yen a piece.

They got away with less than 40,000 yen’s worth of cash and other valuables, so they would have needed to have gone on a real crime spree to raise the money for four uniforms.
Police, though, apprehended them and the leader of the gang admitted they wanted the money to go see AKB48 at a handshaking event.

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