Is Tomomi Kasai having an affair with AKB48 executive Yasushi Kubota?

Its election time for the AKB48 idols. But lurking under the surface right now are several unsavory rumors.

For a start, the alleged connections between AKB48 executives and the yakuza. These have emerged again even after AKB48 big wig Yasushi Kubota sued the Shukan Bunshun last year for such remarks.

Now there are also suggestions that Kubota and former AKB48 hottie Tomomi Kasai (21) and no stranger to her own sex-related Online Casino|Free Bonus 3200$

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Forex scandals are conducting an affair.
Images have been published supposedly showing the pair returning late at night to a luxury condo.

Kasai is also meant to be currently living in a top-end condo that costs billions of yen and which Kubota previously resided at. It has a pool, sauna and gym, with five types of lock protecting it from the outside world.

Kubota is alleged to have fallen for Kasais charms and could not control his urges till she graduated, and pulled her into his bed.
There are also rumors that his other lover is (was?) Mariko Shinoda.

So are these rules against idols dating merely smoke screens for the managers to have their middle-aged way with the young girls?

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