Korean women’s cosmetic secrets

And the secret to Korean girls’ beauty? Is it plastic surgery as the rumors have it? Hard work? Magical cosmetics? No. It’s angles. Angles define how you see and what you see. And this girl demonstrates brilliantly how can transform your entire face without the need to change diet, do a workout or take drugs. [...]

Russian Kindness Affecting People in Japan

There’s a new video from Russia that’s moving the world to tears, just with its simple content: random acts of human kindness. Using the same car dashboard cameras that brought images of a falling meteor to the world, it shows Russian drivers helping out animals, pedestrians and fellow drivers in a manner that defies traditional [...]

Bikyaku Jidai — the sexiest legs in Japanese pop music

Following the orbital rise of Korean girl unit Girls Generation, Japanese pop has been searching for who can combat the continental ladies’ incredible leg power. This answer, it is being touted, is this new group, Bikyaku Jidai — literally “Beautiful Legs Era” — who have been formed for this express purpose. The main qualification for [...]

Your momma is Jay Chous lover

Jay Chou (周杰倫) drives young girls crazy, but a three-year-old was fuming when her mom told her that Jay is actually her real dad. An online video clip shows the girl sitting in the back of the car when her mom teases her, saying, “Xixi, he [the man driving the car] is not your daddy. [...]